Home Hardware Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for a power supply for their next Raspberry Pi Zero project may be interested in the UPS-Lite battery pack specifically designed for the smaller Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC. Features of the UPS-Lite UPS power supply include :

– UPS-Lite is a UPS power supply specially designed for Raspberry Pi Zero.
– The board integrates serial functions (CP2104), fuel gauge chip (MAX17040G), and a piece1000mAh
– The use of thimble installation method, simple and generous.
– The actual test standby time is up to 6 hours (test condition: zero wTurn on the network and print out the power parameters every 2 seconds).
– The item is not assembled.
– Charging current: 400mA
– Output voltage: 5V ±0.1V
– Output current: [email protected] (Without external adapter, only battery powered)
– [email protected] (When inserting external adapter)
– Electricity measurement accuracy: error±2%
– Package include: 1 X UPS-Lite (include battery)

Raspberry Pi battery pack

Raspberry Pi battery pack

If you are interested in learning more about Linux and Windows Raspberry Pi operating systems that can be installed on both the large Raspberry Pi PCs as well as the smaller Zeros jump over to our ever-growing list of stable Raspberry Pi OSs which includes emulators and a few of the wall creations.

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